Who are we

Elly Greuter, violin

Robert de Kok, gitar

Our backgrounds

Par hasard is a French expression, which means: by coincident.

Robert de Kok, at the time guitarplayer in the shantychoir “Stookerskoor Den Helder”, grounded in 2000 with 2 accordeonists  ensemble  Par Hasard.

During a performance of Par Hasard at the “Dag van De Muziek” (open day of music) in Den Helder the violinist of the Stookerskoor, Ton van Ooijen, happened to pass by with his violon.

Ton asked, if he was allowed to play with us, and the click was already there so he joined the group.

Its a pity, that after some time the accordeonists had to leave us.

Robert and Ton continued playing as a duo and they adjusted the repertoire a little. That’s why the national music and traditionals got even more important.

After some time we met Elly Greuter, who joined us with her violon, so that we got more possibilities.

 Robert has a classical education on the guitar, which came in very usefull.

Ton has also a classical background, but his passion is folkmusic, in a very extended way, with lots of  experience in balkan- en russian music. As a matter of facts he is “in” for all kinds of music.

Elly has also classical backgrounds. She experienced playing in orchestras, but she played also in smaller groups, p.e. Scandinavian music.

In short: for the second time is was by chance again, that we met and that the click was there too.  That’s why our name is still very actual. It’s a pity, that Ton finished all his musical activities in June 2020. After a playing period of 74 (!!) years. That makes us a duo again, as before.